Bubble Mini Glucose
Monitoring System

Take control of your glucose levels with automatic monitoring


Bubble Mini


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A revolutionary device

Take control of your blood glucose levels wherever you are just having a look at your mobile phone

BG Levels Auto Check

Bubble helps your blood glucose control by checking your levels automatically every five minutes and sending them to your mobile.

Beautiful & Safe design

Bubble has been beautifully designed to avoid edges that can complicate its wearing in your day to day and to avoid risks while charging.

Easy to wear

Bubble is really easy to wear. Either with its stickers, the soft specifically designed belt or a simple dressing, you will find your favourite wayt to wear it.


Bubble is waterproof. Its design without any holes improves its durability while in the water. 30 minutes and 2m deep resistance like your sensor guarantees its usage.


Bubble is rechargable thanks to the magnetic charger included in the box. With over 10 days of battery you can always be sure of having enough energy.

For iOS and Android

Bubble can be used both with iOS or Android. Check the apps available for each software platform.

Bubble Monitor reads all versions available of Freestyle LIbre®

Tested to work with all versions of Freestyle Libre® Glucose reader available on the market
  • Freestyle Libre® 1
  • Freestyle Libre® 2
  • Freestyle Libre® US14
  • Freestyle Libre® Pro
  • Freestyle Libre® H
Freestyle Libre® 1

Freestyle Libre® 1 is the standard version of the sensor and the one available in many countries.

Freestyle Libre® 2

Freestyle Libre® 2 is the new version of the sensor with alarm capabilities. Available only in some countries.

Freestyle Libre® US14

Freestyle Libre® US 14 days is the standard 14 days usage version of the sensor available in the United States.

Freestyle Libre® Pro

Freestyle Libre® Pro  is a professional continuous glucose monitoring  device  intended for use by healthcare professionals and requires a prescription.

Freestyle Libre® H

iOS & Android compatible

Bubble designers are part of the community of developers that help to build new and porwerful applications for glucose monitoring through Bluetooth devices.

As part of this community, Bubble is compatible with some of the apps available on the Do It Yourself community and can be downloaded and freely used for using with the device.


Bubble is compatible with last version of xDRIP+ for Android

xDRIP Swift

Apple users can use xDRIP Swift through the Test Flight platform.

NIghstscout compatible

Bubble is fully compatible with Nightscout to have remote access to glucose data.


Bubble Mini Glucose Monitor


179,90 €

1 x Bubble Unit

Get the complete pack including Monitor +  chager +  10 stickers to fix it.

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Bubble Mini

Diabox Download Bubble official software

Diabox for iOS

Click the link to download iOS version of Diabox

Diabox for Android

Click the link to download Android version of Diabox

Instructions for Smartwatches

Click the link to link to developer group information about smartwatches


Do you need help?

Here you will find all the manuals and links for configuring working apps both for iOS and Android.

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